Why pressure wash?

Why pressure wash your drivewayYour driveway is filthy, about 50 shades of brown dirtier than last year at this time.

But why do you need to hire someone to pressure wash it?

Pressure Washing Your Driveway Saves Money

By cleaning your driveway regularly, you can add years to its life. Regular pressure washing can postpone the need to replace or repair your driveway. Regular maintenance is always cheaper than repairs or replacement.

Hiring a Professional Pressure Washer Is Safer

Let’s get real… do you know how to use a pressure cleaning machine? Cleaning your driveway is a messy job. Cleaning your roof involves climbing a ladder and maneuvering around a slippery roof. Instead of paying to rent a complicated piece of equipment (that might cause more harm than good), why not let a professional handle the job for you?

Increase Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Looking to sell your home? Buyers might be more interested if your driveway looks clean and new. Seeing oil and dirt on your driveway might turn some buyers off. Add pressure cleaning to your house staging “to do” list.

Increase Your Home’s Resale Value

The built-up grime on your driveway might even decrease the offering price on your home. Grab a couple thousand extra with a pristine entrance to your home. Buyers see a dirty driveway as something they will need to toil over. They’d rather give you more money to have it done before they buy.

Make Your Home Safer

Do you have children or grandchildren who play in your driveway while you tend to your outdoor plants nearby? Make your driveway surface safer for them by hiring a power washing company to clean dirt and oil from the surface. An annual or semi-annual pressure wash will keep your driveway clear of dangerous chemicals and substances.