What Is the Green Stuff on My Siding?

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After purchasing a new home or applying a fresh coat of paint to your house’s siding, it’s inevitable to come across the unappealing green buildup that gradually covers the exterior. However, what if there was a way to restore your home’s beauty without the need for frequent repainting?

At Pressure Perfect Cleaning, we specialize in addressing the mysterious green substances on your home’s exterior and can even identify them for you. Below, you can learn more about these common issues and how power washing can help.

#1 Green Mold

While most people are familiar with black mold, which tends to thrive in bathrooms, kitchens, and other dark and damp areas, green mold behaves similarly. It prefers areas with limited sunlight and high moisture levels, often appearing on the northern side of your house that is shielded from the sun. It feeds on grass clippings, dirt, and decaying matter, slowly deteriorating wooden surfaces and compromising structural integrity.

Additionally, it poses respiratory health risks for your family members.

#2 Green Mildew

Green mildew thrives in a comparable environment to green or black mold: cool and damp areas. Flat surfaces provide an ideal breeding ground for its spores, enabling rapid colonization.

When closely examined, green mildew exhibits a sickly green appearance and may appear fuzzy.

#3 Algae

Although algae don’t pose significant harm to your health or home, they can manifest in vibrant green or slimy black shades, making them easily visible from a distance. It flourishes in wet environments, exploiting leaks or constantly dripping water sources.

Fortunately, algae are one of the most accessible organisms to eliminate with an appropriate cleaning solution. Since algae colonies remain moist, they can be effectively removed from the siding using water pressure.

#4 Organic Matter

Have you recently mowed your lawn or experienced strong winds in your area? These factors can contribute to a greenish tint on your siding. While organic plant matter and dirt don’t pose an immediate threat to your home, they serve as a food source for mold, mildew, and algae. Therefore, it’s advisable to rinse your home’s siding after lawn mowing sessions to prevent these organisms from thriving.

How Professional Power Washing Can Help

Professional power washing can effectively address each of these issues. Not only do they eliminate the unsightly green patches, but they also contribute to a safer environment for your family by combating invisible organic invaders.

Residential and commercial pressure washers have the expertise to safely reach high areas, sparing you from the potentially hazardous aspects of the task. They also employ carefully formulated surface cleaners that create an inhospitable environment for organic growth on your siding.

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