Should You Pressure Wash Your Home Before Painting?

Pressure Washing Sarasota FL

Over time, the paint on our homes starts to peel, break down, or fade. When this wear and tear happens, it’s time to apply a new paint coat to your home’s exterior. But first, you’ll first need pressure washing.

Many experts agree that preparing your home for painting is often more important than the painting process. Pressure cleaning or washing is a vital step that this guide will explore in more depth.

Pressure Washer Benefits

Do you need to paint metal or aluminum, stucco, wood siding, vinyl, Hardie Plank, etc.? If so, a good pressure washer session brings the following benefits:

Removes All That Initial Dirt and Grime

Even if you can’t see it, chances are that your home contains a lot of dirt, grime, mildew, or even growing mold spores. Sarasota pressure washing can expertly remove all this filth from your home’s exterior.

Not removing this extra dirt and grime means you’re simply painting over this nasty grit. As a result, your surface will likely get an uneven or bumpy paint coat. Additionally, if you have mold or mildew growth, these toxins will rapidly eat at your new paint coat.

Expertly Removes Any Loose Paint

When old paint remains exposed to several years of sunlight, chalking occurs. Chalking essentially means you have loosened paint. Trying to paint over this material without power washing means your new paint coat can’t stick correctly.

Pressure Washing Uses Powerful Cleaning Solutions

There’s a misconception that pressure washing is simply spraying a surface with powerful water jets. However, most power washing services in Sarasota, FL, utilize top-notch bleaching and cleansing solutions.

These robust solutions work wonders in removing dirt and grime. They also stave off mold and mildew from homes, pool cages, fences, siding, trims, etc. Some cleaning solutions also layer a protective coating to a surface to prevent future damage.

Cleaning your home using your garden hose, a rag, and a bucket of soapy water is ineffective and time-consuming.

Why You Should Use a Professional Pressure Washing Service

Many homeowners wonder if they can handle their Sarasota pressure washing on their own. While it may be possible for some, hiring a professional is better for two reasons:

  • Far safer: Pressure washing your home is not only time-consuming, but also requires you to scale massive heights. Even a single-story home requires you to use a ladder to reach hidden crevices. Especially if you’ve never used a ladder while power washing, you might fall.
  • More effective: A professional pressure washer will have the knowledge and equipment to finish the job effectively. The right company provides excellent customer service, ensuring satisfactory results.

Call Pressure Perfect Today

Painting your home should be an exciting experience. Yet, it can quickly become a nightmare if you don’t pressure wash. Fortunately, the Pressure Perfect team is here to provide pressure washing along with paver sealing, gutter cleaning, and more.

Discover how Pressure Perfect will give your home the perfect Sarasota pressure washing by calling (941) 302-3405!

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