Sarasota Brick Paver Sealing

Does my brick paver patio need sealing?

Sealing your brick paver patio keeps it looking attractive for years and prevents weathering. Read below to find out more about Sarasota brick paver sealing service.

Sarasota brick paver sealing
This is what your patio looks like without brick paver sealing

Why seal your brick pavers?

Like any other exterior part of your home, weather can cause cumulative damage to your brick patio. The sun can fade the bricks and rain can erode the sand between them. Sand erosion can cause the bricks to become uneven over time and allow weeds and ants to find homes between them. Plus, your metal outdoor furniture can cause rust stains on the bricks. Sealing the bricks prevents staining from various sources.

How does bricker paver sealing work?

The first step in sealing your brick paver patio is to have it pressure washed. Pressuring washing using the correct pressure gets all the dirt, debris and rust stains off the surface of the bricks without causing harm to them. The next step is to level out the pavers and make sure the joints have enough sand in them. This ensures you have a smooth, even surface to seal. Finally, a sealant is sprayed over the surface of the entire patio to keep it looking bright and fresh for years!

Sarasota Brick Paver Sealing

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