Pool Cage Cleaning

Screened pool enclosures (also known as pool cages) can help you enjoy swimming without worrying about harsh UV rays or pesky mosquitoes. Pool cage cleaning is easy when you call Pressure Perfect.

Pool cage cleaningThere are many pros and cons to having a pool cage.



One of the best features of a screened pool cage is that it provides security from dirt (insects, dust, and debris like fallen leaves) and unwanted visitors (snakes, uninvited guests, birds, spiders, frogs, and alligators). A pool cage keeps bugs, insects, bees and all other tiny animals off your pool and off you. 


Since most big debris will be unable to enter the pool cage, it means less to clean. You’ll want to hire Pressure Perfect for your pool cage cleaning a few times a year to remove dirt build-up on the screens. 


Landscaping limitations

Because pools and pool cages take up a significant portion of your yard, it often leaves room for little else. You’ll need to ask yourself what type of yard you’d like to have and if a pool cage fits into that vision.

Cooler pool water

Screened pool enclosures can provide varying levels of protection from the sun. They can also keep your pool water slightly cooler than usual. This is great in the summer but not so great in the winter.

If you’re in the Sarasota area, Pressure Perfect Cleaning can pressure clean your pool cage and pool deck.

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