Patio and Lanai Pressure Washing

Patio and lanai pressure washingLanais and patios add outdoor living space to your home, allowing you to enjoy comfortable outdoor cooking, dining, and lounging. Over time, these areas accumulate dust and dirt and need patio and lanai pressure washing.

A patio is generally an open area behind your house that is used as an outdoor room (paved with concrete, brick, or pavers). It might have a wooden rail around it, and it may house an outdoor kitchen made of brick or stone.

A lanai is generally the same thing as a patio but enclosed in screen. It usually has a roof and can make a comfortable outdoor living room. The floor of a lanai is generally tile or turf rug, both easy to clean.

Most of the time, a lanai in Florida is furnished with casual tables, chairs, benches, and chaise lounges. Sometimes a swimming pool is included adjacent to the lanai, covered by a pool cage. Other times, the lanai opens up to the backyard.

Lanais are typically found in more moderate climates like Hawaii, California, Texas, Arizona, and Florida. They’re great for entertaining and grilling. 

Cleaning your patio or lanai depends on what material the floor is made of. This is typically brick paver, concrete or tile. 

Pressure Perfect Cleaning can provide patio and lanai pressure washing services to keep your outdoor entertainment area ready for guests.