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Even if your home suffers from excess dirt, grime, and other faults that pressure washing can fix, having professionals clean your home at the wrong time can cause these problems to return. Use these tips to maximize the effectiveness of your power washing` by scheduling at the best time.

After the Rainy Season


High humidity levels make Florida homes susceptible to mold and mildew, and rainy weather that lasts throughout the summer increases your risk of excess moisture. Pressure cleaning in the fall, which is right after the rainy season ends, will help you remove mold growth as quickly as possible.

Untreated mildew or mold may lead to a variety of health hazards and aesthetic concerns. Exposure to these organisms can irritate allergies and asthma as well as cause symptoms including headaches, sneezing, and itching. Mold will also create unsightly spots while making your indoor air musty.

Pressure washing services alleviate these issues by eradicating mold on your external surfaces. Wall and roof cleaning even reduces indoor mildew by removing spores that could float into your home.

Spring Cleaning


Another popular time to call for pressure washing is in late spring. Not only will washing at the end of the season clear up mold and mildew left by spring showers, but it will also wash away the falling debris that tends to build up in gutters and roofs during the fall and winter.

Many homeowners choose to pressure wash their properties at the end of spring to clean away pollen. Cleaning before the pollen season ends puts your home at risk of becoming dirty again. However, failing to remove mold and mildew before they harden in the summer heat can cause discoloration.

Spring also tends to have mild weather that makes power washing easy and effective. Cold temperatures cause surfaces to dry slowly, while hot days can bake cleaning solutions on to your exterior.

Preparing for Projects and Painting


Even if you schedule regular pressure washing services, you should also have a professional clean your home before you start any painting or other exterior projects. Removing dust and other particles creates a smooth surface that allows the paint to bond better. This reduces the chance that your new coat of paint will suffer from imperfections such as chipping and bubbling.

Power washing your exterior will help prepare it for projects such as installing siding, but it is also useful when you need to remove fine dirt or sawdust from construction work. However, avoid pressure cleaning your home while other projects are ongoing as you run the risk of trapping moisture underneath other materials.

Professional pressure washing is an effective way to prepare your home for sale as well. Washing away any grime or pollen will improve the curb appeal of homes and businesses, increasing the value of your property. This treatment will improve the aesthetics of various materials, including bricks, paint, and vinyl siding.

Find the perfect time to clean your home’s exterior with the experts at Pressure Perfect. You can preserve your property’s looks and structural integrity by scheduling your power washing in Sarasota, FL, today.

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Loving my new clean lanai! Great job!Very satisfied ❤️
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Anne LeBaron
They did a great job on my pool deck. It looks nice.
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john budslick
Pressure perfect was on time, reliable, fast and did an excellent job!!
Was able to pressure wash the same day I called due to a cancellation. They always do an excellent cleaning
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Sherill Trevino
They did such a good job!! Would Hartley recommend!!
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Linda Hull
The owner and crew went above normal to give professional service & superior service! Our tile roof looked new when they left! Immaculate job!Highly recommend this company!
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Linda Stokes
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