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Pressure washing service in SarasotaPressure Perfect provides a top quality pressure washing service in Sarasota FL. We specialize in pressure washing and exterior property restoration services. Pressure Perfect performs house washing, pool cage & deck cleaning, roof cleaning, concrete surface cleaning, commercial pressure cleaning, and more using some of the highest quality equipment available for pressure cleaning.

We care about your property

When cleaning roofs, we water your plants before, during, and after. If there are no gutters, we use tarps to cover the plants so the chemicals don’t hurt them.

Our Guarantee

If there is an issue with our work or the job is not satisfactory to you, we will come back and do everything in our power to make you into a happy customer.

Locally Owned by Stanley Labady

Owner, Stan Labady, grew up in Haiti as the son of an American missionary. After graduating high school, he moved to Sarasota, Florida.

Stan started his first pressure washing business in 1999. “Stan’s Pressure Cleaning” eventually merged with another pressure washing business, and he purchased one of his biggest competitors in 2007.

On a trip to Haiti in 2010, a major earthquake happened, and Stan decided to stay there for a few months to help with the cleanup and restoration process. He then returned to Haiti for a year to do humanitarian aid work. In 2015, Stan and his wife spent a year in Australia and Malaysia. They love to travel!

Upon returning to Sarasota, Stan started his current pressure washing business, and the rest is history!

He continues to volunteer time helping his father with non-profit ministry work.

Pressure Perfect is perfect for the job

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